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Real Madrid not the Real Deal Yet?

Real not the real deal yet

Football fans in Madrid no doubt woke up on Thursday morning with a strange shocked gaze passing over their face, but those in the know about the way Real Madrid as a club has progressed will be more than aware that there is still plenty of work to be done before a team of stars is transformed into a united unit capable of winning the Champions League.

Punters betting on sports had made the Spanish side favourites going into the semi-final second leg, despite Bayern Munich’s 2-1 advantage. But the German’s victory on penalties brought the supporters back down to earth with an uncomfortable bump.

The fractions in the Madrid squad have been covered up to a large extent only because domestic success has come their way this season. However, the fact that Jose Mourinho has managed to achieve what he has is more a reflection of how he can get the best out of resources at his disposal wherever he happens to manage, rather than a reflection of how the team have helped his managerial efforts. 

With the Spanish players in his squad openly rebelling against Mourinho's management techniques (perhaps believing that they are an irreplaceable chunk of the team), we have now seen the likes of Ronaldo revert to type in the semi-final clash against Bayern, with highly paid stars playing as individuals rather than a bonded unit.

The Spanish title is now all but mathematically wrapped up, with only a handful of soccer games remaining.

That means that the club has very little to play for as the minutes of this season tick by, but the Spanish giants should realise that it is not impossible that the best manager in the world will opt to walk away from the club in order to return to a country where he will once again be viewed an idol and respected by the media.

Should Mourinho decide to do just that, the question doesn't concern which country he picks, but which club in England he feels like heading to…

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