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Live Sports Betting – On the Go!

It was the mid 1990s when gambling companies started to play around with the idea of offering their services to clients through the use of the internet. That was only ten years ago, and we have come so far, but there is new kid on the block and the excitement is starting to well up once more!

At the back end of 2009, experts assessing the usage of mobile phones recorded a staggering 4.6 billion mobile phone subscriptions. Two years on and that figure must have easily moved into 5 billion and beyond.
Gambling companies have recognised that the telecommunications business has a big audience, and have recently started bringing gambling to the masses of handheld mobile devices. You can already play an extensive range of online casino games, on your mobile phone, in a wide range of online casinos.

So what is next?
Step forward and take a bow - in-play gambling. Without a doubt, one of the major changes to affect sports betting in the past decade has been the birth of in-play betting and it seems that the mobile device is it’s next home from homes.

The sports betting giants just need to form alliances with companies that have the rights to stream live events and you have a match made in heaven. You can currently telephone a third party to place an in-play bet, but having the ability to place it yourself through your mobile device is yet another advancement in the world of gambling.



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Last Updated 10 November 2013